A quick breath

A rose by any other…

See the root?

See the root?

The gift of a name–
a reflection or road map?
Regardless, live it.

山花, San’ka, Mountain Flower.

The Buddha twirled a flower. 🙂

Roots in the earth, strong and stably grounded, blooming up into the clouds, our teachers.

Brief and ephemeral, growing into fruit or sending out seeds on the wind.

山 can also be read as Temple. Temple Flower–who doesn’t blossom in the zendo?


Deep gratitude to Sensei Kaz Tanahashi for the name 山花 and to Jun Pei Cui, resident artist of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum store, who designed & carved the seal.

A quick breath


Dewdrops on lacinato kale in my patch at the Johnson Farm, Bainbridge Island, WA

Dewdrops on lacinato kale in my garden at the Johnson Farm, Bainbridge Island, WA

Sparkling dewdrops–
the stroke of the day starts here;
don’t forget to smile.

At Tanahashi Sensei‘s recent Calligraphy: Heart of the Brush workshop at Upaya, in which we covered material and techniques from his book of the same name, Master Kaz taught us that every stroke starts even before the brush reaches the page: with presence, with breath, with a smile–“not a ‘cheese’ smile,” as he says– and with a conscious, arching approach. When that motion does bring brush to paper, each stroke almost always begins (and often ends) with a “dewdrop.”