A quick breath

Frost on an airplane window

Frost calligraphy on an airplane window

As one of Tanahashi Sensei‘s seals reads: one brush line embodies the universe

It cannot be read–
calligraphy everywhere,
singing of what is.

Branches against the sky. Shadows on the bedspread. Wrinkles on the dog’s tongue. Needle and thread. Patterns in the sandpaper. The hairs on your arm. Dust in the sun’s rays. Spots on the slug’s back. Oil swirling in a puddle. Steam rising to the sky. Waves dancing on the Sound. The iris of her eye. Your shoelaces. Tamari on rice. Pine needles on the ground. Lines in the palm of your hand. Cracks in the pavement. Exhaust from the car up ahead. Crumpled paper lying by the side of the road. Crumbled cornbread being fed to the birds. Their feathers. Their droppings. Wood grain. Eye wrinkles during a smile. Frost on an airplane window.


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